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Playground Equipment Services


At Playground Equipment Services our Universal Design inclusive playgrounds focus on getting kids and adults of all ages and abilities outside and having fun. Our state of the art, award winning, playground designs offer the ability to make a playground more than a play area. Our professional playground designers cultivate renderings that allow for learning experiences, exercise, brain stimulating activities, and fun, all within your everyday playground build.

West Fork Park


PES, Inc. uses proprietary software to design and render playgrounds.
Meet with one of our experienced Fun Managers to share your vision.
Our Designer will work with you and the salesperson to bring your vision to life.


With our software you can view the playground you have been dreaming of from a variety of angles.
Schedule a visit to our state of the art design studio and use your imagination to create your own dream play space.

Kilgour Playground Rendering

Our Designers of fun!

With our team of experiences Graphic Artists, we can provide a rendering that brings your playground dreams to life!

Scott Hill, designer

Scott Hill

Scott is the Graphic Operations Manager and Logistics Manager. He has a degree in Electronic Media and has been working a Playground Equipment Services for over 5 years. Scott enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and trying new food and beer.

Chris Shafer, designer

Chris Shafer

Chris is a playground designer and has worked at Playground Equipment Services for over two years. Chris enjoys spending time with his family, making music, and enjoys a good horror movie.

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